Prep now shtf is here Banks are now limiting deposits and withdrawals. The banks have no cash reserves and banks in China are now shutting down protesters. The gasdemic has started. Gas prices will soon reach $20 a gallon or $380 a barrel for oil food shortages are spreading. China and the supply chain issues will only get worse. Target has had severe shortages of staple products. Targets supply chain issues are piling up fast. Now target is running out of baby formula as well as other food shortages.Limits at walmart and limits at costco have started to spread all over the country. Soon we will see shortages in all of our favorite foods and items from supply chain disruptions. Now we are seeing shortges at amazon and amazon warehouse facilities. Amazon is facing labor shortages causing them to close down potential amazon warehouses. Prepping for shtf is more important than ever now. Prep now to stay prepared in a hectic world. Lots people have been saying there is no fruit at walmart or no fruit at costco. We all have seen empty shelves at walmart and empty shelves at costco. Empty shelves are at almost every store from supply chain disruptions. Prep for shtf now before its too late. What are you doing to get prepared on your homestead? Are you a prepper like canadian prepper ?

“Stand firm, and you will win life.” Luke 21:19


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