July 14, 2022 | One of the men acquitted in the Air India bombing is shot and killed in Surrey, B.C. A COVID-19 vaccine is approved for kids under five. Plus, why British Columbia tides are the lowest in a decade.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this broadcast incorrectly implied that Morningstar Mercredi had consented to having a caesarian section, during which she was sterilized without her knowledge or consent. Ms. Mercredi says she did not consent to any medical procedures.

00:00 The National for July 15, 2022
00:00 Ripudaman Singh Malik shot dead in Surrey, B.C.
04:09 COVID-19 vaccine approved for kids under 5
07:10 Vancouver parking deck collapses, two injured
07:29 Wildfire grows near Lytton, B.C.
08:04 Westjet system outage delays flights
08:26 Random COVID-19 testing at airports to resume
08:48 Urgent calls for action on forced sterilization
11:15 Mixed reaction $30M papal visit fund
11:48 Hockey Canada reopens sexual assault investigation
14:04 Ottawa ends special Afghan immigration program
16:33 Saudi Arabia reopens airspace ahead of Biden visit
19:27 Ivana Trump dies at home in New York City
20:50 Celebration in Sri Lanka after president resigns
21:18 Russian missiles strike in Vinnytsia, Ukraine
23:47 Brittney Griner back in court in Russia
24:16 Political tension on the International Space Station
27:09 The Beachcombers actor Pat John has dies
27:39 New details in Jason Kenney health records breach
30:25 The COVID-19 pandemic fight inside hospitals
38:28 Images shared of rare supermoon
38:42 B.C. south coast sees lowest tides in years
43:01 The Moment: Long lost Van Gogh portrait

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