Home Featured Interview with Canadian Trucker Convoy Leader – MP Podcast #138

Interview with Canadian Trucker Convoy Leader – MP Podcast #138

Interview with Canadian Trucker Convoy Leader – MP Podcast #138

In this episode Mikhaila hosts B. J. Dichter, a trucker, spokesperson, and organizer of the freedom convoy protest that has been recently moving around different Canadian cities in response to COVID mandates. These include, but are not limited to, a COVID passport app that can track you (as evidenced by Ditcher’s own experience). The main concern being, then, not anything to do with the vaccines themselves (as certain outlets may suggest) but individual sovereignty and government control.

Peterson and Dichter cover the primary questions Canadians and people around the world are posing on the purpose, intent, and institution of the freedom convoy protest—questions about how the blockade limits traffic, the order for local businesses to close, alleged alt-right involvement, violence, tensions with Ottawa police, emergency measure acts, donations, and ways to support the protest.

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[00:00] Intro
[02:14] Purpose of the Protest
[06:11] Situation in Ottawa
[11:31] Chaos & Disruption
[16:05] Violence
[17:36] Local Police
[21:08] Tow Trucks
[22:38] Trudeau
[25:34] Donations
[30:16] Internal Struggles in Canadian Administration
[35:51] Wrapping up

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