July 14, 2022

News from the Supreme Court means the end of the owner-operator model as we know it in California – and it could have repercussions nationwide.  HDT’s editors share what they know about California’s AB5 law in this episode of HDT Talks Trucking.


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Each month, HDT’s editors take a look behind some of Truckinginfo.com’s top stories of the month. For June, the top story was news that the Supreme Court would not hear a case about whether California’s AB5 law was unconstitutional. In this video we discuss:

  • Why the AB5 news was such a big story
  • What is AB5?
  • Why is the AB5 law necessary?
  • How did AB5 end up in the Supreme Court?
  • Reaction of AB5 from the trucking industry
  • What can California motor carriers do about AB5?
  • and more!

🏫 Resources

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