What the Ship! Containers; Transportation Strikes Loom; US Gas; Russian Love Boat & Clean Shipping

What’s Going on With Shipping?
July 13, 2022

In this episode, Sal Mercogliano – former merchant mariner and maritime historian at Campbell University – discusses the top 5 maritime stories as of July 13, 2022. First, with all eyes on containers, what is the prospect for an ocean freight slowdown and what is the impact in US ports from the growing congestion. Second, strikes are looming in the port, rail, and road sectors and any disruption can be the latest Black Swan to strike the global supply chain. Third, the explosion at the Freeport LNG facility in Texas has impacted the US ability to export gas to Europe, and a subsequent explosion at another facility in Oklahoma raises the question how will Europe be able to ween itself off Russian liquified natural gas. Fourth, the Black Sea is seeing an increase in Ukrainian exports as the mouth of the Danube River is opened for additional shipping but still well below monthly levels due to the closure of ports along the Gulf of Odesa. In the meantime, Russians are setting sail on their version of the Love Boat for cruises along the Black Sea. Finally, two members of Congress from California want the shipping industry to stop emitting all carbon dioxide by 2040 when the International Maritime Organization has set the global goal of a 50% reduction by 2050.

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00:00 Introduction
00:55 1. All Eyes On Container Shipping
05:23 2. US port congestion set to worsen as rail and truck strikes loom
09:00 3. Could The U.S. Ship More LNG To Europe?
13:24 4. Russia’s First Modern Cruises Launch Sailing on Black Sea
18:00 5. New Bill Would Empower EPA to Regulate CO2, But Only From Ships
22:38 Conclusion

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1. All Eyes On Container Shipping Where ‘Maybes’ Are Abound

Falling Demand for China-U.S. Ocean Freights Hasn’t Yet Impacted Container Movement

China’s Exports Bounce Back, But Global Risks Darken Trade Outlook

U.S. Retail Imports Set Another Record Heading Into Peak Season

2. US port congestion set to worsen as rail and truck strikes loom

Truckers plan LA/Long Beach work stoppage Wednesday to protest AB5

German ports brace for further strikes on Thursday

China port congestion seen growing on back of local lockdowns and poor weather

3. Could The U.S. Ship More LNG To Europe?

4. Recapturing of Snake Island opens new grain export routes for Ukraine

Maritime Trade Disrupted: The war in Ukraine and its effects on maritime trade logistics

Russia’s First Modern Cruises Launch Sailing on Black Sea

5. New Bill Would Empower EPA to Regulate CO2, But Only From Ships


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