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Ukrainian Sluch | Deadliest Journeys

Ukrainian Sluch | Deadliest Journeys

Roads in remote provinces of Ukraine are in a disastrous state. Mikola must allow two days to get to work in Sarata, an isolated village in the mountains. In some parts of the country, life is still like it was in 1950. At the wheel of his Jigouli, which he repaired himself, Dimitri, a postman, faces chaotic paths to deliver mail to the inhabitants of remote villages. His miserable salary barely allows him to live.
00:00 Intro
5:12 Coveted gems waiting to be discovered.
19:55 Repairing your tank to get to work
24:50 radioactivity kills some but not all
37:43 a drop of vodka before going to bed
45:16 Ukraine, the land of the sun stone



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