| Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is more concerned with “green energy” than securing energy independence for Canada. By refusing to support ethical oil in Canada, the Canadian government is helping Russia generate more than $100-billion U.S. through oil exports.

00:00 Intro
03:30 “Now, I wrote two books about this strange thing, this phenomenon of buying oil and gas from your enemies. First one was called Ethical Oil, the Case for Canada’s Oil Sands, it was about ethical oil versus conflict oil, and then I wrote a book called Groundswell.”
06:42 “I used a tactic that I think was effective, even though it was denounced by the left.”
10:00 “Sometimes people say, ‘Why are you wasting your time, talking to the true believers?’ And I say, no, actually, that’s the crazy thing — within these oil companies are often people who have bought the line that oil is evil…”
14:50 Shipping oil and liquified natural gas from Canada to Europe
18:20 Is the West dependent on Russia, the “gas station of Europe”? What about China?
21:44 Ezra Levant proposes a cinema-quality documentary on Ethical Oil
25:25 Which would you pick at a gas station, Canadian oil or Saudi conflict oil?

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