Giant Tiger’s private fleet, Tiger Trucking, was honoured at the Private Motor Truck Council of Canada (PMTC) Annual Conference in June for its accomplishments and exceptional track record for fleet safety. This is a huge milestone that Mike Louwerse, fleet manager of Tiger Trucking, attributes to the company’s continued commitment to providing the best-in-class training and equipment for Giant Tiger’s drivers, new and seasoned.

“Each year, we have consistently improved and we work hard every day to keep us at the level we’re operating at,” said Louwerse. “Tiger Trucking, comprised of more than 170 fleet employees, is at the top of its industry due to its proactive approach to safety when it comes to its trucks and properly preparing Tiger Trucking drivers for the inherent challenges of the job.”

Employee Safety

With the fleet’s safety policy reviewed annually, Tiger Trucking receives constant feedback from their drivers to help shape Giant Tiger’s process of maintaining their highly praised safety program, which starts at the hiring level. Each new hire goes through a minimum 50-hour onboarding program that can be extended if the driver wants more training. Within a couple of months, new drivers are then mentored by seasoned team members, riding along to learn more about the ins and outs of being part of Team Tiger.

“A pinnacle of the culture here at Tiger Trucking is how much we prioritize driver safety, not only for our sake, but for the safety of the public as well,” said Louwerse.

This statement is reflected in how drivers are compensated by hours driven, which are tracked through electronic logging devices, instead of distance driven, helping to eliminate the pressure of feeling rushed on the road. Although monitoring driver hours through electronic logging devices will be mandatory in January 2023, Tiger Trucking has been ahead of the game in this regard, having operated this way since 2020.

Truck Safety

Tiger Trucking’s safety program is next level not only when it comes to training, but also equipment.

“To go to the level we have gone to ensure safety with our training and equipment is extreme, but we’ve done that for a good reason,” said Louwerse, adding that Tiger Trucking purchases well-equipped trucks with all the latest safety features.

A few standout features that the Tiger Trucking fleet are equipped with are telematics, blind-spot warning devices, collision mitigation systems, halo tire inflation systems and moose bumpers.

“Remaining cognizant of the safety of our drivers is key and the truck services we provide show that,” said Louwerse.

With the expectations for pre-trip inspections being high among Tiger Trucking drivers, Louwerse said that Tiger Trucking equipment is being looked at four times more often than most companies, with every truck being inspected every 10,000 kilometers by mechanics.

Tiger Trucking’s investment in employee training and equipment has paid off too, with Giant Tiger’s level of commitment to safety getting major results. Tiger Trucking’s CVOR has significantly improved over the last three years, going from 29.84% in 2019 to 13.93% in 2021. Their accident-to-incident ratio also speaks to the level Tiger Trucking is operating at, being .04 per 1 million kilometers in 2021.

Tiger Trucking Culture

Another way Tiger Trucking invests in its staff is by helping drivers upgrade their skills and reach their professional goals and has been running their Driver In Training program since 2021. This program is available to current staff and new hires looking to enter the trucking industry. Louwerse says that through this program, Giant Tiger looks to help our employees get their AZ licence, which is paid for by the company.

Employees who join this program start in the yard as a shunter to build their skills, while completing their AZ course. Afterwards, employees are gone for six weeks to complete the Mandatory Entry-Level Training (MELT) program and must also pass their MTO driver exam. Once back on site, employees come back to work as a shunter and slowly progress to driving alongside seasoned team members for additional training for the role and with the equipment.

“That’s our culture here at Tiger Trucking. We have an open-door policy where our drivers know they can come to us with any concerns and they know we will help them with anything we can to set them up for success,” said Louwerse.

To learn more about hiring opportunities at Tiger Trucking, please visit gianttiger.com/careers.


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