Broker/3PL Arrive Logistics last month announced the launch of a pilot program aimed at helping owner-operators connect with private fleets, opening a new avenue to earning revenue for both sides of the partnership.

Arrive’s “We Deliver Flexibility” program allows owner-operators and small fleets with five or fewer power units to submit basic information, which will be sent to private fleets that are part of the program. All of the vetting of owner-operators is conducted by the private fleets themselves, as Arrive’s program serves merely as a connecting point for the parties.

The program “was a purpose-driven pilot program we launched based on the feedback from our carrier network,” said J-Ann Tio, Arrive Logistics’ Chief Strategy Officer. “We noticed there was commonality in some of their needs. With the current events of a deflationary market that owner-operators are feeling, as well as the challenges of private fleets with the recruitment of drivers, retention and equipment, we felt it was part of our responsibility to be able to be connectors.”

Tio added that Arrive has used feedback from carriers — both owner-operators and private fleets — to better understand how to connect the two parties and what kind of information private fleets need “so that they could take it upon themselves to take the next steps as far as what would be best in some sort of partnership.”

Currently, owner-operators can fill out an interest form for the program that requires just their MC or DOT number and basic contact information. From there, private fleets that have been onboarded into the program can reach out to any operators they’re interested in working with.

Freight opportunities for owner-operators vary depending on the fleet, but the goal of the program is to help establish long-term relationships that lead to consistent freight.

“Our commitment is ensuring that we are having conversations with private fleets to be able to flesh out the opportunities they can present to the owner-operators that they’re interested in,” Tio said. “A lot of the opportunities do have wide ranges and will be based on the private fleet and the owner-operator to make the decision on whether or not it’s best for him or her.”

As the pilot program progresses, Arrive will consider feedback from both owner-operators and private fleets and make changes as necessary. So far, Tio said Arrive is pleased with the interest it’s received from both sides.

If “it’s beneficial even to a few owner-operators or private fleets, it’s something we’ll continue to explore,” she added.

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