This strategic alliance between bi-national trucker convoys marks a historic stand against vaccine and other COVID-19-related mandates across North America

OTTAWA, Canada and WASHINGTON, April 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In a historic stand for freedom in western democracy, The Canadian Freedom 22 Convoy and The People’s Convoy in the USA demonstrate unity as they announce a strategic alliance in their common fight against harsh and unscientific government overreach across North America and the world as it relates to vaccine and other COVID-19 mandates.

“Truckers in Canada initiated the fight against our government’s abusive COVID-19 policies as we held the line with our month-long blockade in Ottawa, and we stand proud to see that our movement has inspired truckers and other everyday citizens to take up the fight in their own countries,” said Leanne Carter, trucker liaison for The Canadian Freedom 22 Convoy. “We are also proud to announce a strategic alliance with The People’s Convoy in our common fight to restore freedom and hold our governments and other officials accountable for their unprecedented abuse of power.”

The initial trucker’s convoy in Canada hit the road in early January and grew to over 12,000 semis as they seized Canada’s capital city of Ottawa in a 3 week standoff with government officials. The rallies held outside of Ottawa in front of the Parliament buildings on weekends grew to millions of people. Canadian truckers recently announced that they are firing their engines up once again to continue their fight for freedom and liberty.

“Inspired by our Canadian brothers and sisters, this movement is not a right or left issue politically – it is a human issue and citizens of all political affiliations are coming together in an effort to restore liberty for our children and grandchildren,” said Mike Landis, truck driver and co-organizer, The People’s Convoy. “We demand that politicians on both sides of the political aisle be held accountable for their actions, or inaction, over the past two years as they have crippled and divided our country. It’s time to remind politicians in every western democracy that, indeed, they work for us.”

The People’s Convoy launched its journey to Washington, DC from Adelanto, California on February 23rd and grew to 62 miles long by the time it reached the DC Beltway, which it has been circling almost daily since its arrival on March 5th. While traveling through eleven states over ten days, an estimated two million freedom-loving Americans across every race and political affiliation packed the highway overpasses and overnight staging areas in support of the movement.

The People’s Convoy recently announced that it would be departing Washington, DC to head for California to raise public awareness of 10 of the most abusive proposed Covid-19-related bills the US has ever seen: https://unityprojectonline.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/Bad-Bill-Flyer-1.jpg

For updates, news and to donate to The Canadian Freedom 22 Convoy and The People’s Convoy, please visit: (temporary landing page pending official website) www.canadianfreedom22.com and www.ThePeoplesConvoy.org

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