Dutch farmers SENDING a clear message of ‘NO FARMS, NO FOOD’

Here are few things Dutch farmers have done in the last several days

1. Dutch farmers have blocked MANY supermarkets and distribution centers
2. Dutch farmers have already purchased a tank to take their country back
3. Thousands of citizens in NETHERLANDS march at weekend to support the protests of Dutch farmers

4. Dutch supermarkets in many places are EMPTY: Dutch farmers said: No farms, no food
5. The Dutch farmers have blocked dozens of high roads asking Netherlands government to change its tune
6. After national airport, now Dutch farmers block another one: Groningen Airport

7. Dutch government starts arresting peaceful farmers and take them away
8. Undercover police tried to infiltrate the Dutch farmers protest, but they got caught
9. Dutch farmers are blocking the highways by manure and spreading manure on government buildings

10. Dutch farmers gathered and issued a warning:
“This will happen more often. We will not give up
We will never give up! We call upon the people to stand with us”

#dutchfarmers #netherlandsfarmers


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