The Netherlands Seems To Be ‘Sliding Into Dictatorship (Dutch Farmers Protest)

Following the fall of the Soviet Union, it was evident that the majority of the communists shifted their cause to the environmental or green movement. And with most of them now in charge of the western world, they would either aim to see everyone starve to death rather than people not complying with their totalitarian and narcissistic utopian agendas. You know, I’ve always known the great reset was all about a desperate thirst and egoistic plan of censoring and controlling the world. And like we all guessed right, these bunch of power-intoxicated bureaucrats would do anything to force everyone into submission, even if it includes destroying food supplies to cause starvation so that we would have no choice but accept their totalitarian New world order.

And now, it’s happening in Dutch, the Netherlands, where the citizens are up against a selfish and inconsiderate government pursuing their own globalist goals in terms of climate change and housing without any regard for whatever happens to their citizens. For these narcissistic European Union bureaucrats, a few numbers of farmers are nothing in exchange for their feeling good about themselves. I mean, this is just very crazy!

The courage to speak the truth is a virtue!

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