24 Jun 2022 | 06:07 AM UTC

Peru trucker union calls for nationwide strike starting June 27. Business disruptions, supply shortages likely.





The National Union of Heavy Cargo Carriers (Union Nacional de Transportistas de Carga Pesada, UNT), a freight trucker union, has called for a nationwide strike from June 27 to press the government to lower fuel prices and improve their contracts. The UNT has not called for any demonstrations, instead focusing on ceasing the shipment of goods to major cities until their demands are met. However, protests remain possible, especially in Lima and along main routes leading to the capital.

As this strike targets delivery of goods, business operations dependent on road delivery of goods are likely to be disrupted. Moreover, access to household goods such as food and fuel will likely be limited, with price increases. Business and road traffic disruptions are possible if protests materialize.


Prepare business operations for shipment shortages. Arrange for private goods shipment, if possible. Secure enough perishable food to last for several days, if possible. Plan road travel with possible fuel shortages in mind. Avoid all protests as a precaution.


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