(28 Jun 2022)
Lima – 27 June 2022
1. Police in riot gear walking in front of demonstration
2. Demonstrators with signs opposing Congress’ decision
3. Demonstrators carrying banner with the colors of Peruvian flag
4. Sign reading (Spanish): “Congress, enemy of the people”
5. Various of demonstration
6. SOUNDBITE (Spanish) Fernando Mamani, 45, Indigenous from Puno region:
“We are here, the people of Peru, Indigenous, self-defenders from Puno region, who want to close the Congress and approve a second agrarian reform. We are also requesting to change the constitution of our country.”
7. Mamani marching with Peruvian flag
8. Banner in support of Peru’s President Pedro Castillo
9. Various of demonstration
10. Cristian Mainas, Indigenous from the Shipibo people, marching with sign
11. SOUNDBITE (Spanish) Cristian Mainas, Indigenous from the Shipibo people in Ucayali:
“It’s enough now. This is why we are calling to close the Congress. They need to create new laws to favor the people, which is not the case. The Congress is passing new laws only to benefit themselves. Where are the people left? This is called treason, treason to the motherland.”
12. Various of demonstration marching toward Congress
Hundreds of supporters of President Pedro Castillo from all across Peru marched on Monday to demand the  dissolution of Congress.
In the past months, Castillo has survived two impeachment votes in Congress and the general attorney is currently investigating him for corruption.
Supporters taking part in the demonstrations mainly were Indigenous, farmers, and members of self-defense organizations, that largely composed the base that took him to power in 2021.
Fernando Mamani, an Indigenous man from the Puno region, said Congress had let them down by not approving laws that help them, since Castillo was elected president.
This is a continuation of a political crisis that began in Peru in 2016 and has led to instability as well as five presidents and three dissolutions of Congress.
Polls show Peruvians are greatly unhappy with both Castillo and Congress.
Castillo was sworn into office on July 2021 and his administration is scheduled to last for five years, until July 2026.
AP video shot by Cesar Barreto
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