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Im doing my transport manager CPC via NTP!

please show these guys some love and check out their website. Loads of courses to take to help gain knowledge in the transport industry. 10% off with code LUKEC10
Website: https://www.ntponlinelearning.co.uk/?via=lukechgv


Very proud to be a brand ambassador for TomTom. come back soon to find out new deals and the latest on the best satnavs out there!
D4 Drivers
HGV medical required for all HGV drivers’ first application and renewal. Full HGV medical and eye test is only £55 at any of our nationwide locations, including on weekends. Visit https://d4drivers.uk/ for more information
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Looking for work? Avail have been a longtime channel supporter and they specialize in finding people with a HGV lance work in the UK. You can check out their website at https://availhub.com/
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Website – https://www.availlogistics.co.uk/theapp
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The essential New Truckers Handbook!
Whether you’re looking to get into the HGV industry, New into the HGV industry or just want to refine your existing HGV knowledge, Then consider purchasing “The Essential New Truckers Handbook” from Malcolm Green. It’s absolutely RAMMED with all the information you need to know about.
If you’re interested, visit the Amazon store and read the 5 star reveiws for yourself,


10% off Trackers! Keep your pride and joy safe! use code “LUKEC”
If you’re looking to track your personal vehicle or manage a whole fleet of vehicles then I highly recommend you use the company “Track it 24/7”
I actually use one of their trackers in my own personal vehicle (bought out of my own money) and absolutely love it.
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All music is provided by Epidemic Sounds https://www.epidemicsound.com/referral/ypnker/

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———The Road Legends!———
A Group of mates who also vlog! You may well have heard of them?
Jay – https://www.youtube.com/user/truckerjaylea
Kev – https://www.youtube.com/kevtee
Scott – https://www.youtube.com/scottandrews
Martyn – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMurWCdOLhWVojPTphp9ZRA

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Business enquiries please email me at lukecinahgv@hotmail.com

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