Volvo Group, Daimler Truck, and Traton Group are officially combining forces in a joint venture to establish electric vehicle charging infrastructure in Europe.

Under the leadership of CEO Anja van Niersen, the yet-named business venture will install and operate at least 1,700 high performance green energy charging points along highway corridors and at logistics hubs. The venture was first announced in December 2021.

Volvo electric
(File photo: Volvo Trucks)

The competing OEMs are committing a combined 500 million Euros (about $660 million) in the project that is being described as a call to action for other industry players and policymakers to expand available charging infrastructure and renewable energy across Europe.

“We call on the entire industry to join in our effort. The number of charge points has to increase significantly as fast as possible to make electric long-haul trucking a viable solution for our customers,” Daimler Truck CEO Martin Daum said in a press release.

“We are making what would be impossible for one actor alone to accomplish – this strong partnership is a significant milestone and accelerator towards carbon neutral transport in Europe by 2050,” Volvo Group CEO Martin Lundstedt added.

Run as a standalone entity, the venture will be based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

“When we talk to customers about electric trucks, they always ask: where can we charge?” said Traton Group CEO Christian Levin.

“To find the best solutions for the climate challenge is our most urgent priority as an industry and as the Traton Group.”

van Niersen has previously served as chairman of the Greenchoice charging network.


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