July 20, 2022
|11:00 AM PST |Duration: 1 Hr


There’s two ways to save on fuel. Burn less of it by spec’ing efficient vehicles and training and motivating drivers to higher MPG performance. And leveraging management techniques and technological solutions to buy fuel for less.

To deep-dive into the management methods and technologies that can cut your fuel spend, join HDT’s free webinar on dealing with fuel costs beyond what mpg performance can contribute.

The webinar will take place on July 20 at 2 pm EDT/11 am PDT.

The expert speakers for the “Beyond MPG” webinar will discuss the various ways fleets can cut their fuel costs during the purchasing and management process, rather than just by reducing fuel consumption.

Register today to learn first-hand about such key topics as: 

  • Negotiating fuel discounts
  • Determining fuel surcharges
  • Auditing fuel bills
  • Deploying fuel cards
  • Selecting from on-site, mobile fueling, truckstops, and cardlocks
  • Leveraging telematics and data to identify areas of cost concern or opportunity.


Howard Abrams

President, Sokolis Group

Brian Antonellis, CTP

Senior Vice President, Fleet Operations, Fleet Advantage

David Cullen

MODERATOR, Business/Washington Contributing Editor, HDT


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